What is Boudoir?

If you have been following Flawsome Boudoir for any amount of time, you will notice we talk a lot about boudoir, and we even show you images of our work. But we rarely stop and take the time to explain what boudoir is, and what it means to us.

Boudoir sessions are more than just sexy outfits – they’re a way to help you build confidence and create special memories. Many clients choose clothing that is comfortable, fun, or meaningful for them; it might be something from their wardrobe, something they purchased for their session, or pulled from our MASSIVE client closet! No matter what you wear during your shoot though, you’ll always remember the feeling of capturing yourself in an empowering moment. Let’s work together to make this session yours by bringing out your unique personality through creative styling ideas! We LOVE working on creative projects!

I often have women calling, wanting to sign up for a session as a gift for their partner. What they don’t know is the real gift is for THEM! There is something so powerful in being given the space to embrace your sexuality, confidence and vulnerable sides. These sessions are more than just taking beautiful photographs; they become transformative experiences that boost your self-confidence and empower you with an invigorated sense of who the F you truly are – something your loved ones will appreciate regardless.

Although the idea of a photoshoot brings about nervousness for many, it often proves to be an unforgettable experience full of confidence-building! We are here with you from start to finish and can provide support along your journey. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we want this process to feel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Here at Flawsome, we have a way with men, women and couples as well as our camera and coaching. We see clients in a way that, unfortunately, they rarely see themselves. We aren’t magic – the key is willingness on the clients part to be vulnerable enough to put yourself out there. Being brave enough to let someone show you a different side of yourself. Let us show you how beautiful you are!

You never know where your newfound confidence will take you!

Are you ready to take that next step and ask questions on what we can do for you?

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