The Power of Nudescapes!

LI want to share one of my most popular and one of my most favorite sets to photograph! Nudescapes! 

I love this set for various reasons. First it really highlights our assets, it also can help to hide some areas we may be uncomfortable with. The biggest reason I like this set is the simplicity. It takes out so much of the frill and hoopla of other images and breaks down the simplicity of the human body. Nudescapes has been the one set that I have received more affirmations from clients on, stating they didn’t know they could love their body and even with rolls and cellulite they can see the beauty in it! I had one client who expressed concern for her tummy area. After we shot the Nudescapes and that area was in it she cried at how beautiful she was at that moment. She was able to see what her body has brought her in life, what it’s carried her though and how powerful she really was in those moments. She has since messaged me saying she looks at that image often and is reminded of her beauty and strength. 

This image below is our basic nudescapes set, it is simple, with no extra accessories of materials. 

Nudescapes is SO versatile too. I recently held some sessions that elaborated on the creativity that we can have with the Nudescapes. 

One client we added in Body Jewelry for her nudescape sesh. This can help either add some bling or even cover some areas we aren’t yet confident in. 

Another session we added water to, and we can see the droplets on her body and some where we can even see the spritzer bottle. I have even done some erotic Nudescapes that really highlighted the vaginal region, this can be taken in various different directions with toys, colored lighting and did you know fake cum was even a thing? Totally is and brings a totally different level to your images.



Some ideas I am wanting to try and add to the Nudescapes are the use of honey as well as some with light bondage items in them, handcuffs, leg spreader bar, and nipple clamps. 


What would you want to add to your session?

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