Stepping "Outside" Your Comfort Zone

Typically, a boudoir session is shot indoors, on a bed, or in the shower, somewhere with an everyday look! This time we went OUTDOORS. The first spot we went to this summer was a local waterfall spot and shot there in multiple places. After the waterfalls we went to another location to do some sunset shots on a ridge. Basically, an outdoor boudoir shoot is helping empower women but in the outdoors. 

What would you wear to an outdoor shoot?

The shoot is yours and you get to choose how revealing or private you want to be at the shoot. I describe the locations and settings and from there you as the client help me to pick out clothing you will be comfortable in at that location.  A couple things that women tend to wear more at an outdoor shoot vs an indoor shoot are bathing suits, bathing suit covers, and summer dresses. 

Will people see me?

Well, the waterfalls are at a public location, I WISH I had property like this I could make private. When booking the day of your shoot I purposely pick weekdays in the middle of the week. These tend to be times that are slower for people showing up to our locations. The locations I have chosen to take photos are, for the most part, private. A couple locations you really have to climb down/up into, if people can see or hear someone in there, they typically leave you alone. I can’t promise there will be NO people, but we’ve never really had onlookers. I will be speaking up asking people to leave if they are a bother, OR we will pack up and leave depending on where we are in the session. In my experience there, people just want to leave you alone. 

Do I have to be naked outdoors?

I never require clients to be nude outdoors, or indoor for that matter. What you wear or don’t wear for your shoot is 100% up to you as the client! We can wear dresses, bathing suits, wings, robes body chains and all sorts of fun plays on everyday clothing! The beauty is we get to create the perfect session for YOU!

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