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About The Experience

Prior to your shoot…

Looking for that personalized service that just seems to “get you”, look no further. Once you book your session, we hold your hand the whole way. First you receive emails from us that go over all of the products we sell and the collections we offer. As well as emails that will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions, what should I wear, how do I show up on the day of and guides for inspiration. We also set up a phone consultation that helps us break down some of your barriers you are facing for the day of as well as choose all your bonuses, add-ons, bedsheet colors and more! Our goal is for clients to feel comfortable and relaxed on the day of their shoot. If you ever have questions, we encourage you to reach out and ask, but we do our best with our emails to make sure you feel in the know and prepared on the day of your shoot.

Day of your shoot…

When you arrive at the studio, I come out to greet you and walk you back to the studio. My studio is a converted shed, don’t let its size fool you my little building packs a punch on her capabilities. Once in the studio, we unpack any clothing or accessories you brought and then get started on hair and makeup. While hair and makeup are being done, outfits are finalized and picked out for the shoot.

Once we get started you will get to choose 2 of the Base Sets for your session, these are the Bed, Red Chair, and Fireplace, any additional sets are added on through the purchase of collections. You can always check out our bonus page for all the bonus sets we do offer.

After your shoot…

After we have completed your outfits and sets, we wrap up the shoot. Within one week of your shoot, we book a time for you to come back for your image reveal. If you are traveling for your shoot or would like to see your images the same day, we can schedule a 90-minute break after your shoot and then do your image reveal the same day.

During your reveal you pick out the images you want to receive. It is during this time that you can add on to your collection or choose which images you want in your album or for your wall hangings.

Once your images have been chosen, they will be ordered and take 8 to 12 weeks to arrive. They arrive at the studio where I personally check for quality. Once all your products are in, we set up a time for you to come and pick up all of your products.