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Tassay Gillispie

Who am I?

I live in Lebanon, Oregon with my husband, two kids and our dog. I grew up in Corvallis and have worked in Albany for the last 15 years. I am a Willamette Valley girl through and through. When I am not behind the camera you can find me outdoors taking photos of birds, wildlife and nature. 

As a tall, large woman I have struggled with accepting my appearance all of my life. I started on my own self love journey years ago and have never looked back. Although my body isn’t perfect, it is perfect for me. My body has given me two amazing kids, allowed me to hike hundreds of miles and helped me to live my best life. I know now not all women are in this place but I do know we all have to start somewhere. If you aren’t ready for a photoshoot like this there are lots of books to help you start on this journey as well.

I have been taking photos for about six years. I tried everything from newborns, to seniors, and family sessions. Finally, I found where my heart is, Boudoir. There is something about this realm of photography that resonates with me. I love meeting and working with new people, and I love helping women see their true beauty!  

How did I get into Boudoir?

Over 2 years ago my best friend approached me and asked if I wanted to try a Boudoir shoot, I hadn’t done one before but had no reservations over it. Anyway, we went to the studio and just had fun. I got a hair and makeup girl and planned out a sequence of poses and it was honestly the most fun I have ever had with photography. Watching even my friend come out of her shell, even more, seeing her reactions to the photos, and just becoming more confident was a pretty amazing feeling. After that shoot, I was hooked and trying to figure out how I could do more shoots like that. During each shoot since then, I have seen the best reactions from clients. Watching women come in who are shy, or self-conscious or whatever it is, then slowly come out of their shell and see themselves as beautiful is just the best feeling ever. I can’t believe the number of women I have heard say they have never felt beautiful. That’s my goal, I want you to feel beautiful before, during, and after your shoot. I want my clients to walk with an extra pep in their step and own the world that is theirs. I want every woman to feel beautiful and empowered. I really truly believe that Empowered women empower women. Let me help empower you!

I practice what I preach!

I have had 5 boudoir sessions of my own! Each and every session I have walked out with a new self-confident discovery. I think this has really helped me in being a better photographer because I know what it’s like on both sides of the camera. It has helped me offer a better connection with clients and offer coaching for body posing and facial coaching.