Sunset on the deck in Bend Oregon

About Me

Founder and Photographer

Tassay Gillispie

Tassay Gillispie is more than just a photographer, she is a body-positive advocate who uses her art to promote self-love and acceptance. With a passion for boudoir photography, Tassay has faced her own personal struggles with body image and insecurity, and now seeks to empower others to do the same through her work. Her passion for capturing beauty through any size or shape is evident in every photo she takes, and it is clear that she truly believes that every body is a work of art to be celebrated. Tassay's talent extends far beyond the lens, and her willingness to share her own story is a testament to her dedication to helping others love themselves as they are.

Hair and Makeup Artist

McKayla Keuter

McKayla Keuter is the hair and makeup artist for Tassay! She has been with the company since 2020/2021. Her love for makeup started in Middle School, where she practiced on her self constantly. In High School she started practicing on friends and family, and even did Prom makeup for a lot of friends. Since High School she has continued to learn as much as she can about makeup and use her knowledge to serve our clients the best she can.