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Products – What do we offer?

Products – What do we offer?

Check out the products we carry in house for you to view at your session!

You and your body are ART!

Your images should be displayed as such!


Albums are BY FAR my best selling product! In most cases these come with more images than other products and they are also easy to pull out and thumb through your images! These are handmade, high quality BEAUTIFUL products. One of my favorite things to sell as well!

Metal Prints!

Surprisingly wall prints are my SECOND most sold item! So many women come into the studio hesitant to want metal wall hangings, BUT once they see their images there is always at least one they can see displaying in their homes. I have two types of metal prints, small ones for a night stand and large ones as a wall hanging! 

We also have:

Ice Blocks

Retro view Vinders

Customizable USB Drive


And SO much more!

Make sure you join my VIP Facebook group! I will be going live tonight (11/1/2021) at 6pm to show off and display many of the products that I sell. Watching this after that date? Search “#Live” in my group and it will come up!

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