Welcome to Flawsome

Flawsome (adj): An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they are AWESOME regardless.

Flawsome Boudoir provides women, men and couples of all sizes, shapes and ages (18+) a luxury boudoir experience. We help you to see your true beauty. The word Flawsome means someone who embraces their “flaws” and knows they are awesome regardless. We believe that stepping out of your comfort zone in a safe and secure way will help you to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Be Empowered!

Put yourself first and treat yourself to an AMAZING experience!!

I am Tassay, the owner and Photographer at Flawsome Boudoir! Society puts pressure on men and women to fit into a certain box! I have struggled with accepting my “flaws” for most of my life. In starting on my own self-love journey, I have discovered so much about who I am and the love I want to share with others.

I love helping clients learn to love themselves. Boudoir is an intimate experience where clients discover their sensuality and gain confidence. These sessions can be as modest or erotic as you prefer and can even be done with a partner. Are you looking for the extra boost in yourself or your relationship? Look no further.

What she said…

Ms. Danielle

“Tassay at Flawsome Boudoir is an absolute godsend. She will make you feel so comfortable, within minutes you forget why you were nervous to begin with! My sessions with her have been so full of laughter and confidence! I would do it again in a heartbeat! “

Mrs. Mandy

“My favorite part of the entire experience was being adventurous in a way I wouldn’t have normally been. I was both nervous and excited to see my images for the first time! Getting the final products made me really happy. Since this experience I have felt more empowered and beautiful!”

Ms. Megan

“I booked a session because I wanted to boost my self-esteem. One of my favorite parts was wearing the angel wings. I felt like a different more confident person and that was amazing! Seeing my transformation from nervous to confident was so worth it!”

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Located in Lebanon, Oregon